About Me

My name is Jonathan. I am the Lead Pastor of Passion Church in Maple Grove, MN which I started in 2004.

I have a wonderful wife Joanne, two awesome sons Alexander & Nicolas, & two daughters Isabela & Penelope.

I'm committed to building the local church & seeing God's kingdom established.


Written by Jonathan.

  • Your life is not your own.
  • God is not pulling what's wrong with you. He's pulling the core. To be more like him. Like a magnet.
  • Destiny happens in steps.
  • Life is not magic. It's a process.
  • God blesses you by giving you creativity and desire.
  • Opens doors for you.

  • Don't miss the opportunity because you're waiting for a gift.
  • If you don't grow through the struggle, you can't keep the success.
  • Right thing, wrong time.
  • Didn't earn it, can't own it.

Ephesians 4:30

  • The barriers that are restricting you are within you.
  • It's not what you went though that's killing you.
  • It's how you feel about it, thats what your stumbling over.
  • Someone went through what you're going through. And made it.

1 Corinthains 13:11

  • It's not about you. But about the world around you go be ready got you.
  • The type of environment is already ready for you. God has prepared it.
  • All things (good AND bad) work together for the good of those.....Romans 8:28
  • Nothing better then finding where you fit.
  • God will send people to get on your nerves, and stir the pot- to push you into you it destiny.
  • No one, but God knows what you were created to be/do.
  • Don't be successful by someone else's standards.

Jerimiah 29:11

  • Expected end and thoughts are connected.
  • All peaceful thoughts come from God. None peaceful thoughts don't, delete them.
  • Thoughts that make you hide are not from God.
  • I dislike something you did, not you.
  • Have the ability to allow people to speak in you life.
  • Better in your head, then you are in person.
  • Ask your coaches to critique you. To get better.
  • Have to have the mindset that you can do better.
  • Be content where you are, but never satisfied.
  • The fact that God doesn't like or approve of your behavior, doesn't mean he doesn't like or approve of you!
  • You are not what you did/do.
  • Volleyball Anaology- you're stewarding this, this is not you. This is not your identity. I will want it back, but in better condition then I gave it to you. At some point everyone has to serve. There is no one position. It's a team. In other sports you can be known by a position. You can find identity in it. That doesn't happen in Volleyball
  • Cannot end any better then you think.
  • Identity in what you did, vs it's not about you.
  • When you're doing what you were called to be, it's easy.

Isaiah 55:9, 11

  • God's thoughts are different then your thoughts. He's much smarter then we are. He is smarter then us as high as the heavens are.
  • We have thoughts about ourselves, and God has thoughts about us.
  • The Word bridges the gap between the two.
  • When you get this Word you are going to accomplish and prosper.
  • Heaven touches earth through rain. Until we can get what's in heaven down to us we cannot produce. If God is thinking good thoughts about us, and we are not- then there is a blockage.
  • Real good ministry hits your soul like rain.
  • Selfless thinking.
  • How can I give and not take. 

Philippians 2:4

  • The quickest way to forget about what God thinks about you is to listen to everyone else.
  • The reason you are not fulfilled is because you are taking in, and not giving out.
  • It's like just inhaling and never exhaling. You will die this way.


Written by Jonathan.

2 Kings 5:1-2


  • Your problem serves a purpose.
  •  If God let it happen to you, then God is going to work it for your good.
  •  Naaman was the man! Everyone wanted him. A man of valor. He liberated his whole people. But he had a private battle.
  • Respect must be earned
  • Success (or marriage, parenting) doesn't feel like you think its going to feel like.
  • What is underneath our outward appearance? Are we hiding our own leperasy?
  • No ones the cost of the oil in your alabaster box. No one knows what you deal with behind closed doors. In your past.


  • I don't just need a God in public, but also in private when dealing with my struggles
  • Naaman was fantastic at his work, but had weakness at home.
  • He was a leper, but he's also the savior of his people
  • Not just the stress of the devises, but the stress of hiding them.
  • It's not always what you do, but who you know. Naaman was great at his job, but it took a little Israelite girl to show him how to get healed.
  • The real test of character is what you do with power
  • Against your will, but not against Gods will.
  • God created you to serve his purpose, He's not created to serve yours.
  • Gods will not sent to please you, but to put you where you need to belong. 

Steps of the Godly

  • The steps of the godly are ordered. No elevator. No skipping steps.
  • Steps can take you up, and they can take you down. Gods with you through both. Am I still God if.... everything goes wrong? I don't cure your child? I let you lose the house?
  • Praise him in all things.
  • The answer to your problem is somewhere within your reach.
  • Pray for God to open your eyes, to see where your breakthrough is in your life.
  • What holds you captive is pride. We must be humble.
  • God will use if your humble yourself.
  • You may need to cross boarders and cultures to fill Gods destiny for your life.
  • Your purpose is in your pride, but you've got to be humble to get it.