About Me

My name is Jonathan. I am the Lead Pastor of Passion Church in Maple Grove, MN which I started in 2004.

I have a wonderful wife Joanne, two awesome sons Alexander & Nicolas, & two daughters Isabela & Penelope.

I'm committed to building the local church & seeing God's kingdom established.

Party Rock Part 2

Written by Jonathan.

1 Corinthians 11:23-24

Ring analogy: If you drop a ring down the drain and you try and get it, your fingers accidently push it further away, rather then bringing it closer. We are doing that to the young generations at church.

  • Defined: new information that drastically changes how we see the world around us.
  • Life is defined by how we see it. Everybody perceives it differently, like when you wear sunglasses, same trees/bushes/grass, but it looks different.
  • Peter walking on the water- 11 desciples decided to stay on the safe, small, limited boat- peter took a risk, left all that was familiar but you cannot walk out here and think back there or you'll sink.
    • Boat person; skeptical, thats not how we used to do it, thinking in limited pool of past experiences example: thats not how you get the Holy Ghost.
    • Ocean person- get out off the boat willing to look and see if God is trying to show us something, to let us walk on water


  • The desiples were not about to take communion, but to have Passover. They were about to reflect on their past, until Jesus spoke. he wants them to understand who he was for them and the world.
  • We pass judgement based on past experiences. But people cant always see the change.
  • God wants to show you a new revelation. Not allowing the world to tell you who you are, or defining yourself by past experiences.
  • God asked Adam who TOLD you that you were naked? Now we ask who told you that you were: fat, broke, ugly, addicted. God is saying: No. I know I have called you. I will define you. Not the world. Not your past.
    • You can know God but God is a mystery
    • The bible is all true, everything true in life is not in the bible
    • Beliefs matter, people matter more
      • Curtain Rods Analogy: all laws rest on love. You don't not commit adultry because it's wrong, you don't do it because you love your spouse. All laws will remain unbroken if we live a life based on love.

Jesus wants the drivers seat, we have to move out of the familiar and allow Him the ability to steer our life. It may be uncomfortable, but is necessary. We cannot allow fear to stop us, we must get our foot off of the break and say I am willing to follow you. It takes faith.

We do not know everything about God. or the Bible. or our relationship with God. There is ALWAYS more to learn. It's called the Curse of knowledge, if we think we know everything and are unwilling to learn, or see it in a different light then we will fail.

In order to progress you must forsake.

Party Rock Part 1

Written by Jonathan.

Matthew 9:16-17

God is known not for what He is against (only sin) but what He is for is so much more. Examples: Life, Love, Marriage, Joy, Family, Children, Health, Wealth, Creativity, Business and more.

Jesus did not allow people who criticized him to change his vision.



Doesn't matter what people think, matters what God think.

Come up to gods standard, not lower Him to ours.

Old school church verses now

  • In order to move to where God wants you to sometimes you have to detach.
  • Everything in the world has changed but the church
  • Satan was the creative director in heaven. Why do you think the worlds Adverting/marketing is so good? Young adults see MTV performing with excellence, spending millions on a set- and church's are not meeting those standards.
  • Church should reinvent itself every 7 years. Not its faith, but how it presents itself.
  • People build monuments/stories to where god Was. And are not moving to where God is.
  • Game boy is not better then the iPhone. Church's think that Old school is better, and try to convince teenagers of that, when it obviously is not.

Change is coming, We Must Change or die.

  • One generation away from losing Jesus Christ- must pass gospel on to this next generation.
  • Many times people ignore opportunities, because Opportunity knocks in chaos
  • Things are created/invented in a time of need.
  • If you fall in love with ritual, and routine. You'll miss a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus touched our humanity so he could relate to us. When he left, the Holy Spirit came down. The Pentecost had an attendance of 120, humanity attendance was 15000 (when Jesus fed the 5000, plus 10000 women and children). When you relate first, then fill with the Holy Spirit, you will win man.

Connecting with people who do not have your rhythm makes you less productive and less successful. 

Type verse purpose. "They are just not my type." Just Stop. How'd you come up with "your" type? Instead pursue people of purpose. Type can destroy your purpose. Example: If you want to lose weight then a salad would fufill your purpose, even though fried chicken is more your type.