About Me

My name is Jonathan. I am the Lead Pastor of Passion Church in Maple Grove, MN which I started in 2004.

I have a wonderful wife Joanne, two awesome sons Alexander & Nicolas, & two daughters Isabela & Penelope.

I'm committed to building the local church & seeing God's kingdom established.

Thriller 2014 Part 2

Written by Jonathan.

1 John 4:16-18

Matthew 14:22-27


  • Storms don't stay.
  • Thinking changes when stuff on the outside gets on the inside
    • Alcohol on the outside hurts no one, but when it get on the it affects the person
    • Jesus is not affective on the outside, but when you are infected with Jesus- it changes you.
  • People who are successful don't allow the storms or circumstances of life to come inside.
  • Stopping hanging with people who are going to poke holes in your boat/life. Negative thinking and people who tell you to quit.
  • Luke 6:5 What are you going through? Is it getting in you?  What am I talking about, what is getting inside me?
  • You can feed your Fears until they become reality. Fear is demonic faith. Job 3:25
  • Tell your problem how big your God is, rather then tell your God how big your problem is. 
  • Jesus healed differently so we wouldn't fall in love with the way he healed, but with the healer.  




  • You can be scared of the circumstances and the solution. This can cause you to live in one place while life passes you by.
  • You can't think when your scared, you need to be trained in faith. So that in the moment you can handle it. It's your nature. It's your instinct.
  • When you face crisis what's inside comes out.
  • Surround yourself with people who will bring you up, not pull you down.
  • Skate board analogy: Don't want to try skateboarding because you've seen too many people fall and such on videos.
  • Being scared of something you only see, and then passing that fear on to our children.
  • Focus eyes on where you are going, not what could happen.
  • Peter walked on water until he got self concious.
  • Don't allow people to intimidate you for what God has for you.


  • Keeps you away from something valuable by deceiving you. Meant to deter you from trying.
  • Perfect Love casts out all fear
  • 1 Corinthians 13:13 ..and these three remain Faith, Hope and Love. The greatest of these is love
    • Faith: What is the scarecrow that is stopping your faith? What is keeping you from having a a relationship with Christ. From serving? From going to church? Belong, believe, behave
    • Hope: what are you hoping for?
    • Love: Peter and Judas both betrayed the Lord. But Judas stopped and built a monument to his failure. Peter kept going and what was once the story of his life, became a sentence in his whole book.
  • Belong, believe, behave
  • Don't stop and build a monument to your failure, keep going.
  • When you remove the scarecrow in your life, you are left with the cross.
  • God wants a relationship with you. He loves you. He wants you to live fear free.
  • No shame, Jesus set you free

Thriller 2014 Part 1

Written by Jonathan.

Genesis 4:8-9

Ephesians 6:12

  • Only born with two fears: loud noises, falling. Everything else is learned.
  • The fight is not against each other but against the enemy. Hell is real. The enemy is real.
  • We want our homes to be a place of peace, love and joy, so we need to invite the Holy Spirit . There are ways to invite the Holy Spirit- where 3 or more are gathered there I'll be(Matthew 18:20).
  • The blood of the innocent can be heard (Cain and Able, Genesis 4:10). Jesus' blood defends us.
  • Power in the blood of Jesus - all your sins are washed away.
  • What Adam gets us into, Jesus gets us out of.
  • Don't expect blessings without challenges. I've given you this land- now go fight for it (Deuteronomy 1:8).
  • Greater is He that is in you then he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).
  • Isaiah 4: Gods glory will be a defense on your home. Defends against the enemy.
  • Invisible world is more powerful then the visible. Is starts with invisible evolves to visible.
  • Your word is your signature in the spirit world. Need to be careful what you say. Be careful that we don't bring demonic presence into our houses.
  •  Disharmony between husband and spouse. Marriage fall apart because people turn selfish.
  • Steward over what God gave us. James 3:16
  • Psalms 68:6 Turn to the one who made you. And the stars. The world
  • The devil comes in disguise and sin happens slowly. So that you become accustomed to it. And then all of a sudden you're dead.
  • Satan wants to rent your body and soul. Jesus wants to buy it. A tenant doesn't care for the house as well as an owner.
  • When the evil spirit leaves your body, you need to replace is with something- Jesus. If the spirit returns and doesn't see a sold sign, it will be worse. (Matthew 12:45).
  • Fear should not be our motivator. Faith is.
  • Fear is the assassin of Faith.